Ground Bee, Magnolia Tree, Eye Test

Spring is time for native ground bees in Wisconsin. I took a good five dozen photos of them in a half an hour to get a glimpse of their world. I captured them in about 5 to 10 photos! Completely worth the effort; they’re very cute.

Ground Bee Burrows. Photo: R. Cuningham
Bee Entering Burrow Photo: R. Cuningham
Bee on a Rock Photo: R. Cuningham
Bee on Concrete. Photo: R. Cuningham

Last year I wrote about these pollinators May 21, this year the warm temperatures have brought them out a month earlier!

They are near the neighbor’s magnolia tree, and I think they’re at work. This is the eye test part. In the second photo, can you see a bee flying around the tree’s crown?

Magnolia Blooming Photo: R. Cuningham
Magnolia with Bees Photo: R. Cuningham

Part of Debbie’s Six Word Saturday and Cee’s flower of the day.

Which is your favorite kind of bee?

¡Olé! –Rebecca 

Here bee the answers! By special request:

Rebecca Cuningham

56 thoughts on “Ground Bee, Magnolia Tree, Eye Test

  1. Beautiful pink against the sky blue. I don’t have a favorite bee, but I do love seeing them even though I have an allergy to their stings. It does seem that I see less and less, which is terribly concerning.

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      1. You are welcome. It’s ok, I certainly don’t hold it against them, and I don’t freak out around them. Not life-threatening, unless I were stung by many! True for most, I imagine. Enjoy! 🐝

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  2. I think I can see the one flying around. It’s funny – I remember the post you did last year. It seems to have gone by so quickly (I guess technically it’s 11 months since they are out early but you know what I mean…).

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  3. It was difficult to find out the Ground Bee in the first two photographs. But, the third and fourth photographs of the Ground Bee perched on the soil are absolutely stunning. The detail captured in the bee’s wings and body, as well as the texture of the soil, is remarkable. The colors of the bee and the earthy tones of the background complement each other perfectly, creating a natural and visually pleasing composition. It is a wonderful reminder of the beauty that can be found in even the smallest and simplest of things.

    Both photographs of the Magnolia tree are truly breathtaking. The bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds in the background provide the perfect contrast for the delicate pink and white blooms of the Magnolia tree. The composition of the photograph is excellent, with the tree filling the frame and the clouds providing a sense of depth and scale. The attention to detail is impressive, capturing the intricate texture of the tree’s bark and the delicate petals of the flowers. The colors are vibrant and perfectly balanced, creating a sense of harmony and tranquility. This photograph truly captures the beauty and majesty of nature and is a testament to the skill and talent of the photographer.


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  4. Yes, I saw the bee. My favorite kind is whatever kind of bee is a useful bee, which is pretty much every type. Of course since I like honey, I might lean towards honeybees, but bees of all sorts are essential to life. Love the magnolia shot!!

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