Would a Man Wear Flowers?

Confident masculinity; strong yet gentle. Cuban artist Moník Molinet’s recent photography features men with flowers in their hair. Her Havana Fábrica de Arte exhibit and this theme supports non-violence in relationships. Thanks to Ivette Romero for her excellent reporting on the Caribbean, who brought this important artist to my attention.

#hombresconflores Photos: M. Molinet

Molinet’s photos inspired me to write a poem. In 1999, I married wearing a floral garland. During the reception the two most important men in my life each took a turn wearing it. Wish I had good pics to show of the moments, but disposable cameras plus evening light equals grainy photos. Here’s one of the garland.


My love wears flowers in his hair
he’s one of few I know who’d dare
I loved him long before that day
we pledged our troth near Río Frío quay
Wearing by night my garland with aplomb
His great big smile and lots of calm
The man who acts from his heart
fears not blooms tip his applecart
Dad and my beloved know the truth
that masculinity requires no proof.



Mi amor flores en su pelo usaría
es uno de pocos que lo atrevería
Le amaba mucho antes al amor mío
del día que nos casamos cerca del río
Llevaba él aquella noche mi guirnalda
con una sonrisa grande y con calma
El hombre que actúe de corazón
no evada flores ni salga cabezón
El papá y mi querido saben la verdad

no hace falta prueba la masculinidad.

Traducción por Rebecca

I am lucky I was raised by a dad who is confident in his masculinity and equally fortunate to marry a man who is as well.

Do you know a man who’d wear flowers in his hair?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

31 thoughts on “Would a Man Wear Flowers?

  1. In India

    In hindu marriages

    Groom put garland on bride

    And bride put garland around groom

    The garland contains marigold and several other flowers. This ceremony is called Var-mala

    In other traditions as well, flowers, garland are used.

    Garlands are also used to congratulate, invite people, especially guests.

    Similarly, garlands are offered to gods during auspicious rituals.

    In some cultures women wear flowers in their hair.

    Different flowers have different significance.

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    1. Yay, I just found your comment! How it ended up in spam I don’t know. Thanks for the wonderful things you said. I was hoping you’d get a chance to read this post. I thought the “flower test” might be good for a third date in Portugal for a man lucky enough to make it to that juncture. 😉 Happy reading at your new library.


  2. There are, and have been historically, cultures where men wear flowers. In ancient Greece, for example, and the Romans wore a wreath of laurel to symbolise victory.
    I looked it up, and found that there is a culture in the south of Saudi Arabia where the men wear floral wreaths in their hair.

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      1. You’re welcome. And he’s a character, alright. 🤭
        It’s a shame men have been taught by society that such things aren’t “manly” enough. Then again.. society’s pretty weird now soo.. who knows what’s acceptable anymore.

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