Could this Be the Real Yoda?

Thanks to Eagle for spotting this excellent decal on a Toyota. Is it a real, or a toy Yoda?

Blue Toy-Yoda Prius. Photo: R. Cuningham (passenger)
Blue Toyoda Prius Photo: Eagle

Are Toyotas popular in your town? Have you seen this decal before?

This post is part of Debbie’s six word Saturday.

¡Olé! -Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

43 thoughts on “Could this Be the Real Yoda?

  1. Innovative!!


    Are Toyoto popular here?

    Hmmm, not that much.

    Yes, there are some cars from toyota that are popular, but people prefer Hyundai, Maruti suzuki and Tata.
    Oh I love Tata, check them out.

    Tata also owns jaguar and Range rover, how about that

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  2. This is excellent! Almost makes me want to buy a Toyoda, too. My son would most definitely appreciate one. Shouldn’t it be a green car, though? Yoda-green… not sure if that’s an official Toyota car colour…

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  3. True or not, years ago I heard the manager of a bar in the US somewhere said to his staff that the person who brings in the most money for the month will get a Toyota or so they they thought he said. The young woman who had the highest monthly total was excited except when at the staff meeting she was given a toy Yoda. An amusing story true or not 🙂

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  4. lol, now that’s funny!

    i can see you’re in the midwest. I’m currently in the northeast. i think toyotas have earned their popularity here in the states for their durability and affordability.

    i would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to drive a prius – especially the new ones. but i’d be more comfortable driving it in a complete/non thruway, one stop municipality (ultimately a fantasy land, I guess) that would put a cap on vehicle sizes so I don’t have to worry about getting obliterated by a massive SUV or a lifted Jeep Cherokee or truck.

    but as you know, here in the US it’s an arms race with vehicle size so I had to go and nab a cheap, used F-150 and put the lift kit and big tires on it.

    Now, my only fear is a semi-truck…or an F-250 lol.

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      1. ha! a pecking order indeed. i lived in a city so this is the first time i’m owning a vehicle. as such, I am on the lowest end of the trim level hierarchy – on the outside looking in lol

        speaking of hybrid SUVs, I’ve been eyeing the Toyota Highlander which gets almost 40mpg(?) for my parents. well…more for my mom, my dad is dead set on an EV pickup

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