If We Only Knew Which 1!

Six Word Saturday and an auto draws my gaze once again. Saw this in a parking lot and it filled my head with questions. Which nonsense are we talking about? Was the lettering a key part of why the person bought the car? (registration papers in window) I wonder how we can stop the nonsense…

No Nonsense Red Jeep Photo: R. Cuningham

From your perspective, which nonsense must be stopped? Please share your thoughts in the comment space below.

This post is part of 6 Word Saturday.

Β‘OlΓ©! -Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

46 thoughts on “If We Only Knew Which 1!

  1. It’s the sort of car many a British republican might be driving around in today. Am I a Republican? No. Am I a Monarchist? No. But at the moment, much as I’d hate to be a member of the Royal Family, despite their wealth, I think an unelected head of state is the best-of-a-bad-lot system.

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      1. My thoughts are largely formed by seeing the disadvantage of having a presidential type figure – as in France, where I used to live – who can never have everyone’s approval, and who in any case ought to be too busy to fulfil the largely social obligations undertaken by our Royal Family. Our better royals have been catalysts for improving outcomes in causes (non-political) that they care about. They can bring a great deal of clout and change to charities they care about. There’s a big case for our Royal family being slimmed down and simplified, much as many European royal families have been. But many of our friends in France saw much to value in a system where party politics simply didn’t come into the mix. Nothing’s perfect, but I’d prefer to see our monarchy reformed, rather than abolished

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      2. I think I know what you mean. The incessant popularity contests and political party intrigues can be very damaging to a country. I think the hybrid in Britain with royals as figureheads to go to events and a PM for policy is good in theory. But recent politics on the PM side have not gone well. Sorry for the political mayhem, we have our own of course, as you know.

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  2. You come across quite a lot of interesting car-rears, Rebecca! I’m beginning to wonder: Do you spend your days in parking lots? I’m already looking forward to your next discovery!

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    1. Thanks, Britta. I wish we had light rail in our town. It would be so convenient! I see most while I’m shuttling Eagle from school by car, so they get the photo credit. Who knows what I’ll see next. Thanks for your comments!

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  3. Wars, but this is such a vague statement. The message does make you contemplate especially when bored sitting in traffic. Like you, it’s hard not to check out car rears when stationed behind a kilometre of cars. Stickers can be tell-tale signs of exactly what the owner is like. Remember those stickers with stick figures depicting family members and what each member enjoyed? They were on so many cars – sheeple (hope I’m not offending anyone!).
    I usually remove any stickers from a recently bought car.

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  4. The political nonsense that is dumbing down the US — the refusal of so many to recognize the humanity of all people, the banning of books for all because “I don’t want my child to be exposed to any ideas but my own” mentality, the high dollar value society puts on unimportant things and unimportant professions (such as sports) . . . .

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