May 2023 Poetry Challenge

Looking forward to our online poetry soirée for May! This month we will write a haiku (5/7/5 syllables) using the phrase “Waterfall of Stars.” See example below. While reading a YA story recommended by our teen called The Barren Grounds by David A. Robertson, I came across this phrase and thought it was beautiful. Haikus don’t officially have titles, though if you prefer to save your syllables you may use it that way.

Yellow Tulip Photo: R. Cuningham

Yellow tulips dance

Beset by wind’s tango tune

Waterfall of stars.

–Rebecca Cuningham 5/09/23

I look forward to all your wonderful creativity in the meanings you find in those words. Rated G, please. Turn in your poems or add your link below by noon Chicago time May 15. Please use the keyword #ffpoemapop ¡Gracias! –Rebecca

Yellow Tulips with Dashes of Red Photo: R. Cuningham

Reto poético de mayo 2023

¡Espero con ganas nuestra fiesta de versos de mayo! Este mes escribiremos un haikú (formato 5/7/5 sílabas) usando la frase “cascada de estrellas” o “cascada estrellar”. Mientras leía el libro The Barren Grounds (Las tierras baldías) por David A. Robertson, encontré esta frase y me pareció muy linda. Los haikú no tienen títulos oficialmente, pero si quieres conservar tus sílabas, puedes usarla de esta manera.

Ejemplo de haikú:

Tulipanes ámbares

Tango de viento

Cascada estrellar

–traducción por Rebecca Cuningham

Estoy contenta, pensando en toda la creatividad que demostrarían en los significados que encuentran en esta frase. Para todas las audiencias por favor. Entrega tu poema o el enlace al poema en tu sitio antes del 15 mayo. Favor de usar la clave #ffpoemapop .

¡Gracias! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

92 thoughts on “May 2023 Poetry Challenge

    1. Line 1: “I am so bad at
      Line 2: writing haiku’s! I always
      Line 3: get it wrong!” she says.
      Your comment was almost a haiku, Carol Anne!
      17 syllables
      5: I know you can write
      7: a haiku for the challenge
      5: I believe in you.
      I always count syllables on my fingers. I subtract words until I have the right number.
      Hope you’ll join in the fun. 🙂 R

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      1. No, I think people’s minds work in different ways. Also, my friend has a pronounced sight impairment which I imagine would make it more challenging to put a syllabic poem together.


  1. How I love this blogging community! I just ran across Aggie’s gorgeous haiku based on your challenge. Love your haiku, too, Rebecca. What an evocative phrase you picked! An aside–you’ll appreciate this–my sister and I are currently planning a visit to Barcelona, just for a couple days (after we spend a few in Paris and before we visit my brother’s family in Vigo) this summer. My only demand–that I can catch some flamenco, of course!

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  2. Here’s mine, Rebecca:

    Dying petals dance,
    faded blossoms flutter down –
    waterfall of stars.

    I should have blogged it, I know, but I couldn’t find any suitable images. I’m on the case though.

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