May 7 Book Launch: Gulf of Mexico Adventure

I have so much to tell you, I’ve published more articles this week because of a lively weekend. Sunday was a lovely literary event at Barnes and Noble in West Madison. They have a generous space for book readings. Our audience was a friendly 40 people on a beautiful sunny day (2 1/2 were my friends, Claude and his wife knew one friend before I did).

Claude (Bud) Clayton Smith gave an excellent overview of the published diary of Dr. Lorenz’ trials in the Gulf of Mexico in 1925, from the book Gauntlet in the Gulf. As the editor, he mentioned me as the 1925 Mexican newspaper story translator and had me stand. At the end, Bud Smith and Bill Lorenz III signed copies of the book for the crowd.

A reporter from a local news channel reviewed the book and covered the story. Check out the article.

Rebecca, Bud, and two William Lorenz grandsons at Barnes and Noble

Dave and Bill Lorenz

Wish all of you lived in Madison so you could have been there.

Love your comments!

Do you haiku?

ยกOle! โ€“Rebecca

PS Bud and Elaine were awesome about spelling my last name correctly in all references. One small edit to the article, I was a writer rather than a University of Wisconsin student when I met Bill (although I was honored on both counts). R

Rebecca Cuningham

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