May 2023: Destination Flowering Crabapple Trees

My good friend and I walked at the Arboretum last Saturday. The timing was fabulous for flowering crabapple trees, and the swan song of the magnolias. Last weekend was also prom. Giggling young women in gargantuan heels and strappy cocktail dresses hiked unsteadily into the garden to take photos with their friends. Guys in elegant suits and ties sporting white tennis shoes were shepherded by their mothers to the flowering groves for the timeless mantlepiece photo. A handful of students seemed to have dates and wore corsages, but that was the exception to the rule.

We took photos of tree after tree, strolling among the arbors of fragrant blossoms. Families, couples hand in hand, runners; the passersby varied. The flowering trees were outstanding. We were enjoying life on a beautiful day.

This post is for Six Word Saturday and Denzil’s nature challenge #12.

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Are you signed up for this month’s poetry challenge? Take your time, until Monday. 😉 R

Rebecca Cuningham

51 thoughts on “May 2023: Destination Flowering Crabapple Trees

  1. I love your photos! I often have wished that spring blossoms would stay longer. But I suppose their fleeting beauty makes us appreciate them all the more. And yes, I just posted an entry for your May haiku poetry challenge (on that post page). It was fun. Thanks. 🙂

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