2 Blooms or not 2 Blooms?

Best year for our peony shrub in a decade! Due to Nature’s rain and snow? A few sprinkles with the hose? Not sure what makes abundant blooms. Was it too dry past years? Pruning too much in the autumn? Well, in 2023 we are very happy to see it flourishing after the scant two bloom year last summer.

Peony Bud Photo: R. Cuningham
Pink Peony Bloom Photo: R. Cuningham
Pink into Bloom Photo: R. Cuningham
Full Bloom and to Bloom Photo: R. Cuningham
Fully Blooming Peony Photo: R. Cuningham

The fragrance is wonderful between the peonies, the violets and the lily of the valley.

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¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

49 thoughts on “2 Blooms or not 2 Blooms?

      1. Azaleas, rhodies. Gave up on most flowers. I think there is either a bug or droppings from the juniper. We will go to a retirement community, so I guess the next family will rethink it. We have a lovely yard, though–no grass, all vinca.

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  1. Our peonies didn’t do as well this spring. Not enough cold weather over the winter? Too much rain all winter and spring? Who knows? All questions and joking aside… your peonies are beautiful!

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