2 Wheels Spoke to Me

Today Eagle and I biked from our house to our friend’s house near the Arboretum. I thought the ride was an easy peasy 3 miles. It was 5 miles each way (8 km); we got a good second ride of the season in!

Cycle Selfie Photo: R. Cuningham

Flying wheels

cruising down the bike highway

curving round the lake

hugging the bay.

You first

leading the way

pedaling smoothly

keen sense of direction.

Dreamed of this day

long ago, you in the burley

then on your tiny wheels,

now bike as large as mine.

Here we are you and I

living our green dreams

celebrating the nearness of freedom

with two strong legs.

–Rebecca Cuningham, 20 May 2023

Happy summer cycling! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

For Michele’s What Moves You? challenge.

First Bike Trail Sand Photo: R. Cuningham

Hoy Eagle y yo montamos en bicicleta desde nuestra casa a la casa de unos amigos cerca del Arboretum. Pensé que era un viaje fácil de 5 kilómetros. De verdad era un viaje de 8 k ida y 8 de vuelta; así tuvimos un buen segundo salida de la estación.

Ruedas volando

por el sendero de bicicletas

curvando alrededor del lago

abrazando la bahía.

Tu primere

como nuestre líder

pedaleando suavemente

buen sentido de dirección.

Hace tiempo yo soñaba con eso

yu en el carrito detrás de mí

entonces sobre tus rueditas

ahora en bici tan grande como la mía.

Aquí estamos tu y yo

viviendo nuestros sueños ecológicos

celebrando el abrazo de la libertad

con dos piernas fuertes.

traducción por Rebecca Cuningham, 20 mayo 2023

¡Feliz ciclismo del verano (o el invierno)!

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

49 thoughts on “2 Wheels Spoke to Me

    1. Yes, we’re getting our bike legs back after the winter! We’re more bike for transportation folks than long distance cyclers. 🙂 I admire anyone who can go 80k or more in one sitting!


  1. Rebecca! This is so touching! You made me cry, seriously. Your poem brought back so many memories for me with my girl. Thank you so much for participating and sharing this special post with us. Love the photos too!

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  2. Love the poem!!

    This reminds me that I should stop neglecting cycling!!

    Generally, I love cycling in the early morning, when there is no traffic on the roads. However, I am dedicating the time to reading, so cannot find time for it.

    Liked by 1 person

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