5 Dancing Butterflies

We saw our first monarch butterfly of the year yesterday. Guess who spotted it? Yes, our eagle-eye teen. The butterfly was looping around our garden, landing on milkweed; laying eggs we hope.

Monarch Photo: R. Cuningham
Monarch in Milkweed Photo: R. Cuningham

And now for previous years’ floral rest stop visitors…

Giant Swallowtail Side View Photo: R. Cuningham
Meadow Fritillary Butterfly Photo: R. Cuningham
Skipper Butterfly Photo: R. Cuningham
Tiger Swallowtail

“Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” as a famous man said.

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Photographs for Denzil’s nature photography challenge: butterflies.

Rebecca Cuningham

45 thoughts on “5 Dancing Butterflies

  1. And just today I was reading about them in a book.

    Surprisingly they also migrate and travels 1000s of km.

    A lovely share.


    Now are you RC?

    eagle’s 🦅 eyes never miss any great object. Well done 👏🏻

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      1. For website security, I enter a password and receive a number code through my cell phone texts. I enter the code to prove it’s me. I have received enough hacking attempts that I have to use the two code also known as double authentication to protect my website. Today, my cell service provider had problems and people couldn’t send or receive texts for 5 hours!

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      2. Ohhhh well

        What a bummer

        I hope things are well now.

        Many a times, no internet connection or network is boon ☺️

        I’ve lived without internet and enjoyed it 😅

        I hope everything is protected and secured.
        You must be having a map to secret Island, that’s why you have many hacking attempts. Stay safe 🔆🤝🏻

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      3. You should delete this comment dear friend… 😅

        While we are joking, some lunatic will consider it serious. 😶‍🌫️😱

        What’s with next month’s poetry challenge? I have a suggestion 🙇🏻‍♂️

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      1. Oh, I didn’t know that, Rebecca! Thanks for the information. I can totally understand why! I’ll think of them as visitors from the spirit world from now on too. Love the thought.

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  2. I once took a Monarch caterpillar home to let the grandchildren watch it make a cocoon, but it escaped. Alas, my yard had little of its favorite food. Learned my lesson: leave Nature alone. I still worry about that caterpillar. Did it ever get to be a butterfly?

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