2 Bird Holes and 1 Nest

How did the birds figure this out? I can’t fathom how they knew there was space behind the concrete.

Cleverly Hidden Nest Photo : R. Cuningham
Bird Nest in Concrete Photo: R. Cuningham

For Debbie’s 6 Word Saturday.

¡Olé! -Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

38 thoughts on “2 Bird Holes and 1 Nest

    1. The corvid family are all pretty clever. They can solve problems relatively easily.
      I suppose those little birds explored a hole to see if there was a space behind it.
      I believe wholeheartedly that animals (and I include birds) are far cleverer than we think. Just because they don’t have opposable thumbs, and don’t speak in what we call words, has made us think they are dumber than they are.
      I’ve read about parrots that could recognise shapes, and got the correct one when asked, and similarly dogs. With the dogs, the things were in another room, so the person giving the command couldn’t influence the dog by glancing at it. Each time, the dog brought back the right object in the correct colour.

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