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1 Shelf for a Large Tome

Wisconsin seems to specialize in shelf mushrooms. I’ve seen smaller ones in Minnesota and north of Madison, but this beauty takes the cake! We found it hiking in Lake Farm Park here in Wisconsin. Do many mushrooms grow on trees in your neck of the wood? Thanks for stopping by this Saturday! ¡Olé! –Rebecca This […]

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7 Foods For Which I’m Grateful

What is your favorite holiday? In our family we have two: Día de los Muertos and Thanksgiving. For our annual fourth-Thursday-in-November celebration, we invite friends to share a meal. I cook the turkey, gravy, and quinoa stuffing (see recipe below). Our friends make creative, traditional and non-traditional sides; cranberry relish, sweet potatoes, humintas(corn dish), pumpkin pie, apple cobbler, […]

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Lake Waubesa: Hiking into the Sunset

Another great weekend after lunch hike, this time south of the city at Lake Farm County Park. I carried my heavier camera, because I liked the photos from the previous walk at Indian Lake. This past Sunday, we set off hiking through a small forest with friends. During our first jaunt down the path, I […]

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1 Afternoon Near Lake Michigan

Eagle and I traveled to Milwaukee last weekend! We spent Sunday at their favorite nature center, Schlitz Audubon, 15 miles (24K) north of the city. We saw deer, a large turkey, and a red squirrel on our hike. Reading the trail map, Eagle guided me down the steep hill to the great lake. We spent […]

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