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The Race to Equality

How do the governments and people of Latin America equalize the financial playing field? Oxfam, a worldwide non-governmental organization, pinpoints several key factors to improve economic justice; progressive tax, public services, employee rights and women’s rights. In focusing on these areas with policies that support everyone rather than the wealthy few, the region can improve […]

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3 May Blooms

Surprise, today is about our garden, rather than the economies of the Americas. The complexities of the latter require more time for me to write. Perhaps a few will prefer this turn of events! These are the current blooms in our garden: lilac, fancy tulip and turtle head. 3 Flores de mayo Sorpresa, hoy hablo […]

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To Be or Not Two Bees

Early spring in Wisconsin is the time for ground bees. I had never noticed these earth dwelling creatures before I lived in Madison. Ground bees are not aggressive, often solitary and they make up 70% of bee species! There is a new tradition to avoid mowing the lawn in May, so that these beneficial insects […]

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Is it a Bike or Car?

Mid-week I drove past the magic catwoman helmet intersection on the way home from taking Eagle to school. It did not disappoint. I saw an odd jelly bean shape, painted red, on the bike path across from me. As I waited at the stoplight, it crossed the street and headed toward me. What luck! I […]

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