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My First Blogging Award!

Many thanks to Bogdan of Pointless Overthinking for the Mystery Blogger Award nomination! Olé! Okoto Enigma created the award, “because there are a lot of amazing blogs out there that haven’t been discovered, yet. And, most of these blogs deserve recognition.” (as she states on her website) For that reason, she “decided to create her […]

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The Evening Breeze in Cozumel

 I’m on my first Mexican vacation in 10 years. The third night we saw a wonderful dance presentation after dinner. The folkloric dancers were fabulous! More next week. Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! Ole! -Rebecca Thanks For two related posts see: Where are the Afro-Mexicans? Can 44 Dancers Tell 1000 Years of Mexican History in […]

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Mexico, Spanish Culture and Language

When Did the Texan Navy Lasso Cozumel?

Maybe you can’t blame a Lone Star Navy for trying. See after the Alamo, the Texans had better luck in their skirmishes with Santa Anna, stealing Texas out from under Mexico’s nose. The next year, the Texans kept hollering about Mexican shipping blockades. So in 1837, the Texas Navy steamed down the coast. Captain Johnny […]

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I’ve Been Blogging a Year! Olé!

Thank you for reading Fake Flamenco this year! Your comments and *likes* on the page and in person have meant so much to me. I appreciate each new follower; the wisdom and experience their comments and presence bring to this site. Fake Flamenco is dedicated to bridging cultures. You and I, we are all a […]

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