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San Miguel Market

Late Wednesday morning, my dad and I took a taxi into San Miguel. I was interested in looking for souvenirs off the main strip, Avenida Rafael E. Melgar. We found a small shop where Dad bought a purple Cozumel hat for Mom (she had forgotten to pack a sun hat) and I bought Frida Kahlo […]

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Snorkeling in Cozumel

We went to Cozumel as three generations of a family, twelve of us in all. The most popular activity, that all twelve could agree on (besides the buffet) was snorkeling. We could view sea creatures in the waters right off the beach. I bought an $11 disposable underwater camera in Madison so I could take […]

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Afro-Mexicans in Cozumel

After my recent research into Mexican history, I was looking forward to visiting Southern México. I thought I might hear La Bamba performed and I might meet Afro-Mexicans in Cozumel. As it turned out, I saw folkloric dancers perform the son jorocho song as I hoped, see earlier post here. Two dancers were of Afro-Mexican […]

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