4 Fake Flamenco Favorites

Four personal favorites from 2018; posts about coming of age across the pond, traveling in Guatemala, passing the bilingual torch to the next generation and celebrating Mexican culture. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I liked writing them.   Being Braver Travel leads to self-knowledge. Self-knowledge allows us to envision and live our … Continue reading 4 Fake Flamenco Favorites

Top 5 Posts of 2018

Thank you Fake Flamenco readers for a great 2018! Starting from zero in March of this year, I've created a website, published e-says weekly (60 total!), visited blogs and met wonderful people like you. I reveled in writing, commenting, and conversing with readers. Each month of nine blogging was an education for me in how … Continue reading Top 5 Posts of 2018

Santa or the 3 Wise Guys?

In the United States, St. Nick is a national obsession. His likeness is big business; tree ornaments, droopy red hats, pajamas, sweaters and bath mats stamped with his image. Most recently he's been turning up as  inflatable outdoor decorations! Why is Santa so central to winter giving traditions in the United States? Let's talk a … Continue reading Santa or the 3 Wise Guys?

Happy Summer Solstice!

Happy Solstice Everyone! This week I wish our friends in South America and throughout the southern hemisphere a happy summer solstice! May you enjoy your days when the sun is high in the sky. Happy Winter Solstice to our friends who live above the equator as we do here in Madison, Wisconsin. May you enjoy … Continue reading Happy Summer Solstice!

What Does Sephardic Espanyol Sound Like?

To follow up on my post about Sephardic Spanish, I'll give you the name of a film with  Tom Hanks as the co-star. Every Time We Say Goodbye was a movie made by an Israeli director in 1986 where a good deal of the dialogue is in Espanyol! That film was the first time I'd … Continue reading What Does Sephardic Espanyol Sound Like?

200,000 People Still Speak Medieval Spanish?

Yes, but why? The short answer is tenacity and tradition. The longer answer begins with a story:  Imagine a decree went out today, that you must either change your religion; or choose between execution and exile. On 31 March 1492, the Jewish population of Spain was given until 31 July to make that decision in … Continue reading 200,000 People Still Speak Medieval Spanish?