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9 Angles on the Historic State Theater

The State Theater in Downtown Minneapolis turned one hundred this year! That’s antique for the Midwestern United States. The space began its life as a movie theater and locale for vaudeville performances. More recently, shows include Broadway plays and live music. When I was a teen, we enjoyed seeing my sister’s close friend perform as […]

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The Art of Blue Tape (Painterly Lines)

Summer 2020, a time of hibernation and long walks. Eagle and I walked toward Lake Mendota and saw colorful chalk drawings on the sidewalk. I realized that the spots without chalk were made with blue painter’s tape lines. I tried it out the next day on our sidewalk, in a tribute to mail carriers. Thank […]

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Early Halloween 2021 in Madison

September 20th, we strolled after breakfast at our favorite cafe. I was astounded to see this enormous decoration 41 full days before the event. Is it my imagination, or are holidays arriving earlier each year? Like many people in the US, I like Halloween and Día de los Muertos. However, when the local thrift shop […]

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Madison Parks Coyote 1 – Geese 0

Eagle and I ate lunch near Lake Wingra today. We saw an animal next to the baseball fence on the grass. “I think it’s a dog,” I said. Eagle said, “No, Mom. I’m sure it’s a statue.” As we stood alongside it, I saw they were right. It was a coyote decoy! The sign next […]

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