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4 Favorite Things about Blogging

4 Years: 4 Favorite Things About Blogging 4. Cheap writing class with proven results3. Friends’ posts that make me laugh and think2. My site, my way creative freedom1. Making friends with great people all over the world. 4 años: 4 cosas favoritas de escribir un blog 4. Clase de escribir barata con resultados conprobados3. Artículos […]

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Your Comments: 3 Pesky Gremlins

One month before my four year blogging anniversary, I’m happy I chose WordPress and I love the friendly community. I learn more about the software, blogging etiquette and myself each week. However, I’ve 3 pesky gremlins that pop up now and again. Gremlin # 1: Mysteriously diminishing numbers; People leave for greener pastures, I understand. […]

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