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2 Wheels Spoke to Me

Today Eagle and I biked from our house to our friend’s house near the Arboretum. I thought the ride was an easy peasy 3 miles. It was 5 miles each way (8 km); we got a good second ride of the season in! Flying wheels cruising down the bike highway curving round the lake hugging […]

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May 2023 Poetry Challenge

Looking forward to our online poetry soirée for May! This month we will write a haiku (5/7/5 syllables) using the phrase “Waterfall of Stars.” See example below. While reading a YA story recommended by our teen called The Barren Grounds by David A. Robertson, I came across this phrase and thought it was beautiful. Haikus […]

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3 in a Sea of Tranquility

Gardening; my internal compass resets from the pull of the earth beneath my feet. 3 en un mar de tranquilidad. Jardinería; mi brújula interior se reinicia por tener la tierra bajo mis pies. Gardening gives methe tranquility to livethe day’s etcetera. –Rebecca Cuningham, 1 May 2023 Jardineríame da la tranquilidadsuelto etcétera. –Rebecca Cuningham, 1 mayo […]

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