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Cars: How Many Are Too Many?

Walking with my good friend recently, we saw this garage and did a double take! This was not your average two car garage. Just how many cars did they own? Autos: ¿Cuántos son excesivos? Caminando con mi amiga cercana recientemente, vimos este garage y no lo creíamos. Este no es cualquier garaje para dos autos, […]

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Your Move, Homer

The final Odd Square of the month! Sad to see this photo challenge go. Thanks to Becky B for the inspiration. We toured the beautiful offices of a local medical software giant yesterday. Several chess boards served as decoration. A historical tidbit is chess was brought to Spain by the North African occupation in the […]

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Oddly Hazardous

Saw this spot-on safety cone at Lakewinds Food Co-op in Minneapolis last weekend. I wonder if people take a silly sign more seriously? The first banana cone was for small hazards, the larger cone is for wintery slush disaster zones. Thanks to slapstick humor, nothing gives us a cautious pause like a banana peel! This […]

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