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Choir!Choir!Choir! Singing in San Diego/Tijuana

October 13, 2019, the Canadian group Choir!Choir!Choir! organized a singalong at the San Diego/Tijuana border between the United States and Mexico. The group and the audience sang the Beatles’ “A Little Help from my Friends” in English and Spanish. The show united 800 hearts and voices. Here’s a video of the concert: Click Suzanne’s Mom’s […]

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The Great Butterfly Migration

While I sat on our back steps shucking corn, I watched butterflies, bees, and moths feed on the nectar of our purple asters yesterday afternoon. On one cluster of Aster Amellus I spotted six Monarchs, 5 American Lady Butterflies, 4 Bumble Bees, 3 Honey Bees, 2 White Cabbage Moths and one Hoverfly (camouflaged to look […]

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Pipián Sauce, a la Gringa

This sauce is based on pumpkin seed mole, called mole verde, or pipián. The Nahuatl word, molli, is the origin for mole, the Mexican word for this traditional Mixteca sauce. You may have tried mole made of chocolate, almond and chile over chicken in a restaurant. This pipián mole also has rich flavors. Although traditionally […]

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