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7 Reasons You’ll Love Desserto Cactus Fabric

What if you could make an animal-friendly leather-like fabric that was breathable and environmentally sustainable? Mexican inventors Adrián López Velarde (auto industry) and Marte Cázarez (fashion industry) have discovered a way to make this dream come true. Move over pleather, there’s a new textile in town. They’ve invented a breathable, natural vegan material made from […]

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Natural World

Rescue Planet Earth

We’re wading into the topic slowly, first calling it global warming, then calling it climate change. But are those terms really urgent enough? Delayed action won’t prevent ice caps from melting, oceans rising, and Australia burning. The phrase we use must convey the dire consequences of doing nothing and the fundamental baseline shift required of […]

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10 Peeks at a Fairyland of Snow

Tuesday morning we woke up, looked out the window, and what did we see? Our landscape was transformed overnight into a winter wonderland. Each tree carried a canopy of fluff. The temperatures had dropped below zero freezing the precipitation. Say, have I ever mentioned that we talk about the weather a lot in the Midwest? […]

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