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Duck the Crane Coming Your Way

On our Sunday afternoon paddle last weekend, we saw many feathered friends. Dragonflies were on the prowl, although winged not feathered. Ducks were swimming leisurely, confident in their aquatic universe. We’d spotted a side pond a bit south of the boat rental after our previous excursion. This time we three paddled determinedly for the spot, […]

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Lake Wingra on a Sunday Afternoon

The days are cooler. We decided to go to Olbrich Gardens on last Saturday and for a paddle on Lake Wingra on Sunday. The gardens were cleverly arranged with one way paths to avoid congestion and allow for social distancing. In only an hour at Olbrich, we felt we’d been away for the whole day. […]

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Shy to Fly Hither and Nearby

The giant swallowtails are on watch, any hint of a device or camera and they flitter away post haste. They are a skittish butterfly, wings in motion as they sip nectar. I’ve read they prefer pink flowers. In their bid for world dominion, I thought the phlox of the garden were a bit overdone this […]

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August Blooming Rose of Sharon Tree

This Rose of Sharon tree is the daughter of the original that grew near our place. She is not an only child, however! Several robust sisters surround her. The tree is prolific; each pollinated flower yields a hand full of seeds, and each tree produces thirty blossoms at least. In this case, it is fortunate […]

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