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Destination Vaccination in Prairie du Chien

The post also known as, “Husband’s Vaccine in Prairie du Chien”. Chien means dog in French; the town is named after prairie dogs! That’s another thing I like about it, besides the appointment I found for my husband there a week ago. Evan qualified to be vaccinated before I did. It was worth it to […]

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Brightly about Town, Flips Around Frowns

Little banjo froggy, ready to brighten up your day. Street art in Madison, Wisconsin. For 3 April, Six Word Saturday and Bright Squares: Crystal Corner Establishment waiting for vaccinated patrons to lift chilled glass mugs. Photo for Bright Squares, 4 April. Lights, camera, action, videotape. Photo for Bright Squares, 5 April. What is your favorite […]

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Bright Lights and Swimming Pools

Look what we found under the snow! Bright Square for 1 April: Sun through the magnolia buds. Bright Square for 2 April: See Becky B’s Square Challenge, April’s theme is #Bright. Gracias for visiting Fake Flamenco! ¡Olé! –Rebecca Start Here for an index of articles.

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2 Surprises On My Walk Yesterday

A sunny day in Madison yesterday afternoon, the first all week, I donned my mask and went for a walk. The rain washed all the surfaces clean and even the buildings looked brighter. Near the corner of two busy streets I found unique art contributions. One decorated the lower half of a kiosk in disuse; […]

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s the Bee’s Knees

Frank Lloyd Wright specialized in Prairie Style architecture. He also lived here in Wisconsin for part of his adult life. Olbrich Gardens which I have mentioned in previous posts has buildings made out of natural materials that fit into the landscape, Prairie style. Their native bee hotel is in the same vein. How do you […]

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