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Your Post Merits An Olé!

The ¡Olé! A standing ovation for an excellent post.¡Olé¡ is the encouragement audiences give Flamenco dancers in Spain.Blogging content that merits such fanfare has outstanding writing, art and photos. They are posts that uplift and educate us; poems and art that nurture the spirit. How to participate: When you receive an ¡Olé! you may post […]

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How the Heck Have You Bean?

August has bean a special time for our garden. Little pinkish white flowers appear on our beanstalks. Then tiny little legumes, no more that a centimeter long punctuate their tendrils. What seems to be only a day later, full grown ones bursting with ripening seeds magically take their place. I pick as many as I […]

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