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What If Girls Rode Bikes?

What if more girls, particularly more Chilenas, rode bicycles? The question and the answer began in Santiago, Chile. Two activists asked themselves, “How can we change girls’ lives?” Their answer was simple and profound; with bicycles. María Paz Castillo and Fernanda Martínez worked together in 2018 to kick off a Santiago Cycling Event for Girls and […]

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Thanks a Bunch All of You!

Gracias for a great 2019, dear readers. I appreciate you all. I like the browsing visitors, I’m quite fond of those who click “like” and I love our faithful commenters and followers. I am uplifted by our conversations and your support means a bunch to me. Olé! Many thanks to the top three sites referring readers […]

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Choir!Choir!Choir! Singing in San Diego/Tijuana

October 13, 2019, the Canadian group Choir!Choir!Choir! organized a singalong at the San Diego/Tijuana border between the United States and Mexico. The group and the audience sang the Beatles’ “A Little Help from my Friends” in English and Spanish. The show united 800 hearts and voices. Here’s a video of the concert: Click Suzanne’s Mom’s […]

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7 Reasons to Try Audio Books

Two days before our trip to Minneapolis, the Madison Public Library came through with the audio book we’d eagerly awaited; Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal. Over the past few years, my husband read aloud this first book to us twice in English. Our child’s interest in the series remains high, so I chose the […]

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