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What’s your ideal destination?

If your fairy godmother asked you what trip you’d like to take, what would you say? I’d like to sail from Florida (or Mexico) to Cuba. I’d go with my extended family; Grandparents, sister and family, and my little family, with Grandpa as captain or first mate. The movies I’ve seen of Habana and Cuba […]

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Who Are the Climate Emergency Five?

Several countries have declared an official Climate Emergency this year. Three are in Europe and two in the Americas. In these countries people believe that climate change is a serious threat to life on earth. Nine other countries have major cities that have declared Climate Emergencies: US, Australia, Austria, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, […]

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Is Information Beautiful?

Beauty is in the eye of the information beholder. In this case, researchers pictured US immigration census data in terms of tree rings. That inspiration won Northeastern University colleagues Pedro Cruz, John Wihbey, Avni Ghael and Felipe Shibuya two Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards last year. Their work titled Simulated Dendrochronology of U.S. Immigration, 1790-2016 […]

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Pipián Sauce, a la Gringa

This sauce is based on pumpkin seed mole, called mole verde, or pipián. The Nahuatl word, molli, is the origin for mole, the Mexican word for this traditional Mixteca sauce. You may have tried mole made of chocolate, almond and chile over chicken in a restaurant. This pipián mole also has rich flavors. Although traditionally […]

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