5 Tips for Finding Medical Help Abroad

When our family visited Granada, Spain in 2013, I slipped on a wet flight of outdoor steps our second evening and hit my head on a patio couch. I walked the twenty steps to our flat, my reddening hand on my forehead. Fortunately, we had allies in town. We were staying in an apartment in … Continue reading 5 Tips for Finding Medical Help Abroad

Nineteen Years Ago Today

Nineteen years ago today, I stood on the banks of the Río Frío and exchanged wedding vows with the sweetest, smartest, funniest guy I've met. In front of our family and friends, we promised our bond would be unbroken in this adventure called life. We met while we studied in Austin. To respect the miracle … Continue reading Nineteen Years Ago Today

Guatemalan Fabric

Two of my favorite travelers are in Guatemala this week. Their visit to the northernmost Spanish-speaking country in Central America reminded me of a poem I wrote on the plane home from my time in Antigua. Guatemala I flew into the unknown, to a volcanic land where an agrarian people weave cotton cloth in bright … Continue reading Guatemalan Fabric