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Looking for Agent Right

Writing conferences are the perfect backdrop for Agent-Author speed dating. At a semi-private table for two, separated by dark polyester curtains from seven other Agent/Author pairs, the courting begins. You’ve a total of 360 seconds starting now! Author, you’re in hot pursuit of the elusive Agent, go! No, stop that. No reading your statement. Drop […]

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I’ve Been Blogging a Year! Olé!

Thank you for reading Fake Flamenco this year! Your comments and *likes* on the page and in person have meant so much to me. I appreciate each new follower; the wisdom and experience their comments and presence bring to this site. Fake Flamenco is dedicated to bridging cultures. You and I, we are all a […]

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5 Travel Bloggers I Especially Like

As of a year ago, my full experience with online writing was – I had read one neighbor’s, one cousin’s and one friend’s blog. Now, in the past nine months, I’ve read hundreds. This year, part of the fun of writing a blog is I’m also reading work online by people who live across the […]

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Who Are You Reading?

I checked Ron Stallworth’s BlacKKKlansman out of the public library today. The movie was great; the book is even better. The writing, the story, and Stallworth‘s audacity are all captivating. The events are so complex, involving numerous grassroots organizations on both sides of the issue, it had to be simplified for the movie. In his […]

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Confessions of a New Blogger

I’ve been writing essays and publishing them online for six months now. True confessions, there are still a lot of things I don’t understand about it. How did someone from Nepal or Croatia find my site? Do my post views depend on the time of day I publish, the number of FB friends who see […]

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