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Is This Sign Needed in Winter?

The sign made me laugh. I wasn’t tempted to swim; I saw it when it was 0C and snowing… Some midwesterners go for a polar plunge in the winter, not I. Have you swum outdoors when the temperature is under 0C (32F)? I have not and it’s not in my plans. 😄 For my analytical […]

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Squirrels Thank Sculptors for the Storage

Laura Richards and William Grant Turnbull thought they were hired by the Madison Public Art Project to craft sculpture for the Arboretum Longnecker Gardens. Secret squirrel influence on the project was largely underrated until this autumn. The lofty aluminum leaves of the statue are perfect for air drying and preserving Osage oranges, as any crafty […]

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2 Tires, 2 Feet, 4 Hooves

Perhaps there were more police than revelers, last Saturday on State Street. University students in costume walked the sidewalks and stood in lines to enter their favorite live music venues. State is closed to regular traffic all year; only buses, bicycles and pedestrians are to utilize it. The official Freak Fest was cancelled, and officers […]

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Are You Ready For Halloween?

Perhaps the past tense would be more appropriate. ; ) We planned, we assembled, we costumed! The fun began on Friday night with the middle school dance. Many home made outfits and much creativity. Saturday, friends and I strolled down State St. in costume and saw college students dressed up in their finest cow, cowboy, […]

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