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Bit of a Road Detour Here?

We saw this sign on the way to a friend’s party. I imagine a large truck looming, backing up, in this arrow’s shaky past. Thought the remnant deserved a photo. Haiku proceed this way please signs, telegraph messages through a zig zag world –Rebecca Cuningham, 17 March 2023 ¿Un desvío pequeño por aquí? Vimos este […]

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Humor, photography

A Toast to the Pregnant Sky

We lift a glass to cloudy skies, from whence cometh our rain, sleet and snow… I am fascinated with this machinery; person lifts, telescopic and articulating boom lifts. I dream of renting one for a day, although that’s 360 degrees of trouble I could get into… 😉 Poetry challenge: One day left to submit your […]

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Have I Seen Snowdrops in February?

Last Sunday we took a brisk walk around the block after dinner. As we approached our place, I saw a touch of green and white. A snowdrop! In Madison, they bloom in March. The earliest date I have on my calendar for them is March 6, 2020! The photo above was taken February 19. However, […]

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6 Snowmobiles Travel from Point A…

Driving up to Duluth two weekends ago, we saw many vehicles pulling trailers of snowmobiles. Below are two standard trailers. The third really turned our heads. Whoa, on top of the pickup truck bed?!? When I was a teenager, my younger cousin took me for a spin on his Arctic Cat. We sped across the […]

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Too Much Time on His Hands

We stopped at a gas station halfway between Duluth and Minneapolis on the way home (see Tuesday for the Duluth story). After our pit stop, there was a car parked by the front door that caught my eye. As I took photos, the owner walked out with his drink and chips. I complimented him on […]

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