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Who Are the Climate Emergency Five?

Several countries have declared an official Climate Emergency this year. Three are in Europe and two in the Americas. In these countries people believe that climate change is a serious threat to life on earth. Nine other countries have major cities that have declared Climate Emergencies: US, Australia, Austria, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, […]

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Immigration, Living Abroad

Where are you from? Part II

Immigration IQ, Part II Thanks for your responses! What does a US citizen look like? Funny how the people who read my blog could surmise that the answers were not easy to guess. Although race, age and gender don’t reveal who is an immigrant, in our daily interactions sometimes we believe we can guess where […]

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Live Long and Prosper…

Do people live longer in the United States or in Latin America? Not surprisingly, that depends on which country south of the border we’re comparing with the US. I found a gold mine of valuable, reliable statistics in the World Health Organization information database to answer my question. Every year the WHO publishes a report […]

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