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Little Free Libraries in Colombia

VIsion, generosity, and dedication are three attributes of Jorge Ospina, founder of a public project to make books available to all. Thanks to Henry Louis of My Quest Blog for the inspirational article and video on The Book Man’s work to spread joy and knowledge in rural Colombia. People need books. After retirement, Jorge began […]

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7 Ways South American Christmas Differs

Happy Nochebuena, or Christmas Eve! As in Spain, Nochebuena in South America is celebrated with family and a midnight dinner feast. Catholic traditions, mixed with indigenous and African cultures, have created many South American Christmas traditions that differ from celebrations in other countries. 1) For example, Nativity scenes of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus are more […]

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The Wonders of Malpelo Island

Off the Pacific coast of Colombia lies a gem of biodiversity so valuable it was named a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site in 2006. The island is so remote, 500 km (311 miles) west of the Colombian port of Buenaventura, travel there takes 36 hours by boat. This location preserves unique species, not only birds […]

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