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The Bilingual Dream

I’m working hard to make every morning and every evening count in terms of our child’s Spanish language exposure. Breakfast en español is working! Our child is speaking Spanish for the majority of sentences while eating coconut yogurt to start the day. I listen without making corrections, as our child has requested. I make encouraging […]

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New Words, New Understandings

I like learning new vocab. whether it’s English, Spanish or Swahili. Hakuna Matata is such a joyful phrase, world-famous Swahili meaning, “there is no trouble here,” or “no worries” from the Lion King. Spanish has unique phrases that tickle my fancy too. As a junior in college, I spent a semester in Toledo, Spain. There […]

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Sidewalk Traffic

My dad is an old-fashioned kind of guy. He was taught to remain on the street-side of the sidewalk during a stroll to protect females from any stagecoach mud. Just kidding about the stagecoach. When we walk together, he often switches to the left or to the right of me as we turn corners to […]

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