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Are You Ready For Halloween?

Perhaps the past tense would be more appropriate. ; ) We planned, we assembled, we costumed! The fun began on Friday night with the middle school dance. Many home made outfits and much creativity. Saturday, friends and I strolled down State St. in costume and saw college students dressed up in their finest cow, cowboy, […]

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Kinda Spooky, These 3

Halloween is a staple of US culture; costumes, candy, decorating windows and yards. The roots are in Ireland and England, but we’ve added our own twists. So glad we learned about pumpkins from the first peoples of the Americas, root vegetables like turnips would be much more difficult to carve! A few examples of the […]

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Early Halloween 2021 in Madison

September 20th, we strolled after breakfast at our favorite cafe. I was astounded to see this enormous decoration 41 full days before the event. Is it my imagination, or are holidays arriving earlier each year? Like many people in the US, I like Halloween and Día de los Muertos. However, when the local thrift shop […]

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Fa La Merry Grinchmas to You!

We like to tour the city in December and find the most busily decorated house. We head to the sparkly side of town to observe the lights, snow people, garlands, wreaths, and… the unexpected. See if you can find the snow person in the tree, Rudolph on a bicycle, and the Grinch (hard to miss […]

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