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New Words, New Understandings

I like learning new vocab. whether it’s English, Spanish or Swahili. Hakuna Matata is such a joyful phrase, world-famous Swahili meaning, “there is no trouble here,” or “no worries” from the Lion King. Spanish has unique phrases that tickle my fancy too. As a junior in college, I spent a semester in Toledo, Spain. There […]

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Spanish Culture and Language

7 Tips to Keep Your Second Language Alive

No extra money for language classes or international travel? (My hand is raised) Let’s talk. So we’ve spent a year, five years or ten+ learning a second language. How can we avoid our vocabulary falling away like so many shooting stars? See my top seven ideas for low budget refreshers. The ideas go from free-of-charge […]

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Winning the Bee

Seventh grader Lola Hernández Mendoza won the Madison city-wide Spanish spelling bee this May. Madison has a Hmong spelling contest as well, and dual language immersion programs for both. Lola is a bilingual American citizen of Puerto Rican descent. Her proud family began a successful campaign to raise the $2000 needed for Lola and her […]

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