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22 September Poem

Haiku for you. In Spanish too. Happy Autumn! Haikú para ti. En español e inglés. ¡Feliz otoño! 22 September, Twin Sister Haikus cool air, happy lungs autumn equinox arrived the next season walks in + + farewell city pool red leaf on outdoor table where is my sweater? –Rebecca Cuningham, 21 September 2022 22 septiembre […]

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bilingual, En español, writing

Flamenca Poetry Challenge December 2021

A week until the solstice and our poets are ready, manuscripts in hand; seven Flamencas from four countries. I appreciate the thought provoking and meaningful Flamencas our poets crafted. This was a new form for most of us, and I applaud their daring in accepting a novel structure and rhyme scheme. Beautiful poetic musings on […]

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