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Spirit Lake: “Leisurely Hike” in a State Park

Beautiful it was. That’s not all, it was challenging, slippery, and a big cardio workout. Did we see stunning views? I’d say so. Eagle and I went camping overnight at Spirit Lake* with their middle school class. Fourteen 12–14 year olds, four parents and two teachers. The weather was beautiful, the students were well-behaved and […]

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Playing Hooky until Saturday

Going offline for a couple of days. I’ll tell you more next week. I’ll leave you with this photo of a lawn angel (like a snow angel) to contemplate. No-mow-May grass is perfect for this pastime. See you, I’ll be back for the weekend fun. When we dream our eyes on the sky we leave […]

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5 Dancing Butterflies

We saw our first monarch butterfly of the year yesterday. Guess who spotted it? Yes, our eagle-eye teen. The butterfly was looping around our garden, landing on milkweed; laying eggs we hope. And now for previous years’ floral rest stop visitors… “Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” as a famous man said. ¡Olé! […]

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2 Wheels Spoke to Me

Today Eagle and I biked from our house to our friend’s house near the Arboretum. I thought the ride was an easy peasy 3 miles. It was 5 miles each way (8 km); we got a good second ride of the season in! Flying wheels cruising down the bike highway curving round the lake hugging […]

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1 Brush 4 Every Tree?

Eagle gets full credit for this one. As we entered the car after visiting the library last week they said, “Do you see that?” “See what?” They pointed, “On the tree.” Something was perfectly camouflaged, if anything was there at all. I got out of the car and stood. “There’s nothing there.” “There is,” Eagle […]

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