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St. Paul Bell Natural History Museum

The Bell Museum of Natural History opened its new St. Paul site in 2018 after 140 years in its Minneapolis location. The museum moved from one side of the Twin Cities’ University of Minnesota campus to the other. I attended the Bell Museum in Minneapolis as a child. The previous incarnation of the museum relied […]

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7 Reasons to Try Audio Books

Two days before our trip to Minneapolis, the Madison Public Library came through with the audio book we’d eagerly awaited; Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal. Over the past few years, my husband read aloud this first book to us twice in English. Our child’s interest in the series remains high, so I chose the […]

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8 Postcards from my Happy Place

I’m still thinking of the lake. We were there a month ago. If I close my eyes, I smell the woods; leaves, moss, and fresh oxygen. I hear wind rushing through the trees. I see my fingers dangling from a canoe into rust-colored waters; el lago donde reside mi alma; the lake where my soul […]

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10 Peeks at a Fairyland of Snow

Tuesday morning we woke up, looked out the window, and what did we see? Our landscape was transformed overnight into a winter wonderland. Each tree carried a canopy of fluff. The temperatures had dropped below zero freezing the precipitation. Say, have I ever mentioned that we talk about the weather a lot in the Midwest? […]

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Land of the Free

We study US history in school, learning about our valiant founding fathers. At baseball games we sing our national anthem that hails the United States as the “land of the free.” Is it? Was it founded upon the ideals of freedom for all people? Women of any race, African Americans and American Indians weren’t the […]

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