Catalunya, Spanish Culture and Language

Catalan Director Isabel Coixet

This week I saw two films by Director Isabel Coixet (Coo-shet). I’d say she’s Spanish, however she was born in Barcelona and she’s a Catalana. As you probably know, Catalonia is part of Spain geographically, though it has a language and culture of its own. For the first 15 years of her life, under Dictator […]

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Spanish Culture and Language

Let’s Talk Cinema

Cine, Spanish for cinema, is one of my favorite pastimes. Movies are a great introduction to culture, language and history of another region. Director Carlos Saura’s, Carmen, was a key inspiration for my website’s title, Fake Flamenco. The passion I saw in the dancing of the classic opera’s retelling scorched my eyelashes. Latin culture, art […]

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