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7 Posts to Satisfy Curiosity

Spanish-speaking countries have a lasting fascination for me; culture, language, history, music. In 2018, I researched, collecting notes over a week’s time to follow my curiosity about food, science, agriculture, literature, soccer/fútbol and traditional music across the globe where Spanish is spoken and published the results. Here is where my curiosity led me in my […]

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Four Days in Uruguay

The year we lived in Chile, every three months we traveled to nearby countries to renew our visas. We visited Argentina, once in a small town up in the mountains and another in the capital of Buenos Aires. My husband and I went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. I believe we ate gnoccis, potato […]

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Love Note to Chilean Food

The day we landed in Santiago, Chile, Evan and I went out to lunch. I was confident I’d order food proficiently, after studying Spanish for years. The café’s chalkboard menu  listed sanguiches, ensaladas, and jugos naturales. I translated these three easily for Evan, sandwiches, salads and fresh juices. Then came two words that stumped me. […]

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Conquistada por la comida

Traducción imperfecta por la autora de “Conquered by Food“. Cuando fui a España, pensé que la comida sería parecida a la comida mexicana, es decir muy picante. Pero, lo más punzante de la cocina de la Fundación Ortega y Gasset era la pimienta negra. Me pareció agradable porque los chiles me pican mucho la boca, […]

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