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Which Team Has the Best Mascot?

Why the Madison soccer (football) team of course! For a joke snowdrift deep in irony, our professional soccer team Forward Madison has a pink flamingo as its mascot. “The world’s second favorite team” has inspired loyalty since their start date in May 2018 and a rosy throng of yard decorations has sprung up all over […]

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US Women Win the World Cup!

I’m thrilled about the US Women’s Soccer Team winning their fourth world cup! I’m also excited the Chilean women’s fútbol team made it to the World Cup this year. You may remember I talked about soccer/football on Fake Flamenco last year. The US Men’s stats are still the same, no World Cup wins so far. […]

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Saw a Longreads post this morning I wanted to share with you. Candace Rose Rardon captures the essence of Uruguay in The Country Where Fútbol Comes First — Longreads.  Although Uruguay did not go onto the finals of the World Cup this year, her words and drawings channel their passion.  ¡Gol!

Uruguay, a small nation with a deep-seated passion for soccer, is the inspiration for any underdog vying to win a World Cup.

World Cup

Missing the Copa América

Dear Amigos, I’ve watched the World Cup for decades. I’ve missed the Copa América every time. In looking up the Uruguayan team history, I’ve uncovered their not-so-secret past. Uruguay has won the Americas Cup 15 times! That’s more than Argentina; that’s more than Brasil. Uruguay is a very small country; population only 3.2 million! The […]

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Why I Missed Your FB Post – Summer Edition

  10. Couldn’t hear the ping over the fireworks. 9. Turned off my phone when we watched Incredibles 2. 8. Baby in kiddie pool photos were waaaay cuter! 7. A squirrel stole my iPhone. 6. My device is safely in a wetbag; I’m canoeing. 5. Splash! Lost my phone down the loo. 4. Traffic is […]

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