Spanish Culture and Language, Study Abroad

Why Study Abroad?

Our biggest changes may arrive when we are looking the other way. Perhaps a stork , a blood red cardinal, or the wind delivers them at our door. At 20, I hoped to travel the world with my partner in the future, but I didn’t feel comfortable going on my own. During my first two […]

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Spanish Culture and Language

Santa or the 3 Wise Guys?

In the United States, St. Nick is a national obsession. His likeness is big business; tree ornaments, droopy red hats, pajamas, sweaters and bath mats stamped with his image. Most recently he’s been turning up as  inflatable outdoor decorations! Why is Santa so central to winter giving traditions in the United States? Let’s talk a […]

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Oh, the People You’ll Meet

I journeyed alone through Germany, France and Spain as a college student. A favorite part of traveling solo for me is I am not insulated from the culture I visit or from meeting new people. I open up to strangers and they to me, in the search for food, water, shelter, and direction. In each […]

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