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2 Tires, 2 Feet, 4 Hooves

Perhaps there were more police than revelers, last Saturday on State Street. University students in costume walked the sidewalks and stood in lines to enter their favorite live music venues. State is closed to regular traffic all year; only buses, bicycles and pedestrians are to utilize it. The official Freak Fest was cancelled, and officers […]

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Are You Ready For Halloween?

Perhaps the past tense would be more appropriate. ; ) We planned, we assembled, we costumed! The fun began on Friday night with the middle school dance. Many home made outfits and much creativity. Saturday, friends and I strolled down State St. in costume and saw college students dressed up in their finest cow, cowboy, […]

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Are You Ready, Pumpkin Eaters?

I like autumn holidays, especially when pumpkins are involved. This year’s pumpkin vines have produced the most calabazas ever. I credit the abundance to Eagle’s weeding and watering the vegetables this summer. May all your pies be pumpkin. ¡Olé! -Rebecca PS Pumpkin eaters is a term of endearment in our family. -R This post is […]

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3 More Score Cool Halloween Decor

Witches and ghosts and pumpkins, oh my! Skeletons and spiders and tombstones to die for! (it’s just a saying, despite the time of year) We’ve seen many more houses celebrating the season. Here are three that get good marks. The first house is simple, yet elegant. The second house has good color contrasts between the […]

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Kinda Spooky, These 3

Halloween is a staple of US culture; costumes, candy, decorating windows and yards. The roots are in Ireland and England, but we’ve added our own twists. So glad we learned about pumpkins from the first peoples of the Americas, root vegetables like turnips would be much more difficult to carve! A few examples of the […]

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