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Your Comments: 3 Pesky Gremlins

One month before my four year blogging anniversary, I’m happy I chose WordPress and I love the friendly community. I learn more about the software, blogging etiquette and myself each week. However, I’ve 3 pesky gremlins that pop up now and again. Gremlin # 1: Mysteriously diminishing numbers; People leave for greener pastures, I understand. […]

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Looking for Agent Right

Writing conferences are the perfect backdrop for Agent-Author speed dating. At a semi-private table for two, separated by dark polyester curtains from seven other Agent/Author pairs, the courting begins. You’ve a total of 360 seconds starting now! Author, you’re in hot pursuit of the elusive Agent, go! No, stop that. No reading your statement. Drop […]

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A Trusted Friend

Señora V required us to sing the alphabet song in our high school Spanish class, and more’s the marvel, we all complied. (ah, bay, say, che…) I understood there were four additional letters beyond the English 26: ch for chocolate, ll for tortilla, ñ for piñata, and rr for burrito. Well, I wasn’t correct about […]

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Why I Missed Your FB Post – Summer Edition

  10. Couldn’t hear the ping over the fireworks. 9. Turned off my phone when we watched Incredibles 2. 8. Baby in kiddie pool photos were waaaay cuter! 7. A squirrel stole my iPhone. 6. My device is safely in a wetbag; I’m canoeing. 5. Splash! Lost my phone down the loo. 4. Traffic is […]

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