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2 Wheels Spoke to Me

Today Eagle and I biked from our house to our friend’s house near the Arboretum. I thought the ride was an easy peasy 3 miles. It was 5 miles each way (8 km); we got a good second ride of the season in! Flying wheels cruising down the bike highway curving round the lake hugging […]

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1 Brush 4 Every Tree?

Eagle gets full credit for this one. As we entered the car after visiting the library last week they said, “Do you see that?” “See what?” They pointed, “On the tree.” Something was perfectly camouflaged, if anything was there at all. I got out of the car and stood. “There’s nothing there.” “There is,” Eagle […]

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2 Blooms or not 2 Blooms?

Best year for our peony shrub in a decade! Due to Nature’s rain and snow? A few sprinkles with the hose? Not sure what makes abundant blooms. Was it too dry past years? Pruning too much in the autumn? Well, in 2023 we are very happy to see it flourishing after the scant two bloom […]

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Could this Be the Real Yoda?

Thanks to Eagle for spotting this excellent decal on a Toyota. Is it a real, or a toy Yoda? Are Toyotas popular in your town? Have you seen this decal before? This post is part of Debbie’s six word Saturday. ¡Olé! -Rebecca

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