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Where the Wild Mushrooms Grow

Eagle led me into the woods yesterday after school. Read to the end to see the poem our hike inspired. A forest grows between the golf course and the bike path following reclaimed railroad tracks half mile (1K) from the school. Oak trees, standing and fallen. Those that were horizontal were covered with half moon […]

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Ice Fishing Leaves Boat House Forlorn

Ice fishing is alive and well in 2022; nearly the perfect sport for the times! It’s outdoors, you can set up a private shelter and socialize with people whose vaccine status match yours.* Drink your favorite beverages and eat salty snacks as you wait for the fish to bite. *Irony, because we have friends and […]

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Humor, Nature

Should I Wear a Kevlar Vest?

Wonderful walk at the Arboretum last Saturday, when we came upon this mysterious sign. Seems that frolicking deer are out of control. Or is it we humans? We stayed on the trail, as recommended. Next time we’ll wear orange coats! How would you react to the sign? Are there many deer near where you live? […]

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Our Sunset at 70 mph (112 kph)

Eagle and I are back from Minneapolis! We saw a beautiful Nutcracker performance that Eagle’s cousin was a part of as a student ballerina. She was in the flowers and snow dances on pointe! So fun to see. As we were driving back to Madison, going as fast as the law allows to make it […]

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1 Dried Flower Bouquet

Walking home from an appointment at our neighborhood hair salon today, I felt the tropical storm like unseasonable weather, 19C (67F) and 90% humidity rather than 0C (32F) and snow. Although it was too warm for a coat, I wore one in case the scattered rain from the morning returned. When I reached the end […]

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Baby Yoda Wishes You Happy Holidays

At times, yard “crime” gets me to pull over, hit the brakes, and leap out of the car. Last year it was the 20 ft high Grinch. This year, Eagle and I were on the west side of town, when we saw a green, pointy eared character with a candy cane staff by the side […]

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