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Arty Madison Puts on Fall Show

Took a walk during a dry spell this afternoon. I set my sights on two new murals in the neighborhood. I saw staircases of beautiful pumpkins on the way. Do you recognize any characters carved into the pumpkins below? Last week I found two murals I had not yet seen. That foray I was out […]

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Afternoon Wellness Class in Westmoreland Park

Wednesday afternoon, Eagle and I went to a park for Wellness Class, just we two. Nature was wearing her autumn splendor. We enjoyed the fall day. We hiked in the woods and were greeted by the smiling faces of Brown Eyed Susans. These flowers were serious about blooming. Even the leaves were acting like flowers. […]

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Wow, Look! Two Cranes, You See?

We were out for a drive, Eagle and I, three miles from our house up hill and down dale. I was focused on the road when Eagle piped up from the back seat, “Wow, look! Two cranes!” “Where?” “Right there. Right there!” they said. I imagine Eagle was pointing wildly, but I couldn’t see. I […]

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Paddling Magic on Lake Wingra Today

Eagle and I went for a paddle on Lake Wingra this afternoon. Several Madisonians had the same idea. Summer watersports have begun.A breeze kept flies and mosquitoes at bay, dragonflies did their bit to perpetuate their species.Just as our two hour canoe rental ended, we felt water drops on our arms. No one else fled […]

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Creating a New Vision

In the United States we are taking a hard look at our history of race relations. We’re talking, listening, learning, and our young people are making art to grieve the dead and envision a new future. Downtown Madison businesses that lost their front windows in the unrest after George Floyd’s death are putting up plywood […]

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