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Painting a 20th Century Trachte Building

On our walk Monday morning we discovered an oil painter perched on the sidewalk in front of a Trachte building on Commercial Avenue. I went up to say hello. He introduced himself as John Elliot and told us the story of how the building was his favorite record store during college. Mr. Elliot went to […]

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Olbrich Gardens Gleam 2021

We made our yearly pilgrimage to our local botanical garden’s amazing fall show. The evening temperature was perfect to enjoy this outdoor program. We were greeted by a rainbow angel as we entered the exhibit. Her bright wings were beauties to behold. The first exhibit we saw was a rainbow light tree. We could see […]

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1 Whorl of a Tree Square

Becky has hosted a photo challenge this month for squared photos of trees. Canoeing today on Lake Wingra I found several candidates! Here is my first photo, for day #21. If you like trees as much as I do, check out Becky’s page for more photos. ¡Olé! –Rebecca #TreeSquare

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Madison Garden Tour Weekend Part 2

Day two; we loved the use of native perennials in the first garden. Also, they trained a pear tree flat on the garage. (Espalier or Cruciatus Curse?) See the next photo or description for the sight impaired. I saw meadow rue in several of the yards and have decided it will be an important native […]

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