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3 New Spring Poems

In three weeks we’ll say goodbye to spring. I’d like to savor the coolness before the heat moves in. Three new poems in the name of Spring: Afternoon The wind waves the leavesrustling boughs above the streetwrestling the giant.     Flowering Red tulips are gonepurple iris in their steadpeonies so soon…   That’s my […]

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Which Team Has the Best Mascot?

Why the Madison soccer (football) team of course! For a joke snowdrift deep in irony, our professional soccer team Forward Madison has a pink flamingo as its mascot. “The world’s second favorite team” has inspired loyalty since their start date in May 2018 and a rosy throng of yard decorations has sprung up all over […]

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Public Art: Madison’s Got it Covered

How can we beautify Madison? The Madison Arts Council has colorful designs by local artists on three dozen utility boxes around downtown and east side of the city. Since my pace has slowed down in the last week due to my leg injury, my partner drove me around for a from-the-car-photo-shoot of our curbside art […]

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