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7 Posts to Satisfy Curiosity

Spanish-speaking countries have a lasting fascination for me; culture, language, history, music. In 2018, I researched, collecting notes over a week’s time to follow my curiosity about food, science, agriculture, literature, soccer/fútbol and traditional music across the globe where Spanish is spoken and published the results. Here is where my curiosity led me in my […]

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food, Spanish Culture and Language, The Americas

How the Maya and Inca Fed the World

Imagine life without avocados, pumpkins or chocolate. I simply cannot. The Native peoples of lands now called Mexico and Peru began a great transformation of ordinary flowering plants into food staples long before Columbus’ visit. Mesoamerican and Andean botanists bred wild Solanum family plants into tasty varieties: tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers, and chile peppers. The […]

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Sidewalk Traffic

My dad is an old-fashioned kind of guy. He was taught to remain on the street-side of the sidewalk during a stroll to protect females from any stagecoach mud. Just kidding about the stagecoach. When we walk together, he often switches to the left or to the right of me as we turn corners to […]

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