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More Than a Show, It’s an Espectáculo

Hola! The Fiesta Americana Hotel in Cozumel knows how to entertain its guests. The fire show was simple yet dazzling. Half a dozen well-muscled men and women in form-fitting clothing twirled flaming batons, rotated bright circles and spun a giant cube. A short video of the octagon spinner: Kids and adults enjoyed the evening spectacle. […]

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The Evening Breeze in Cozumel

 I’m on my first Mexican vacation in 10 years. The third night we saw a wonderful dance presentation after dinner. The folkloric dancers were fabulous! More next week. Gracias for reading Fake Flamenco! Ole! -Rebecca Thanks For two related posts see: Where are the Afro-Mexicans? Can 44 Dancers Tell 1000 Years of Mexican History in […]

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Week of the Cactus

Weeks like this where all three of us have colds really stink! We’d been very lucky this winter and avoided many ills. This one got us good, however; congested, voiceless, coughing at night… We sat down for our bilingual dinner last night. My husband scarcely had a voice, but was game to croak out some […]

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