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Sacred Circle, Tree Rings and Eye

I am Minneapolis as the halfway point to my trip to Duluth for my uncle’s funeral tomorrow. After sitting all day riding the bus here I wanted to stretch my legs. I hiked upstairs in the building where my parents have their flat and saw this cool artwork. It is a collage piece that evokes […]

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Oddly Hazardous

Saw this spot-on safety cone at Lakewinds Food Co-op in Minneapolis last weekend. I wonder if people take a silly sign more seriously? The first banana cone was for small hazards, the larger cone is for wintery slush disaster zones. Thanks to slapstick humor, nothing gives us a cautious pause like a banana peel! This […]

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9 Angles on the Historic State Theater

The State Theater in Downtown Minneapolis turned one hundred this year! That’s antique for the Midwestern United States. The space began its life as a movie theater and locale for vaudeville performances. More recently, shows include Broadway plays and live music. When I was a teen, we enjoyed seeing my sister’s close friend perform as […]

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1 Man for Justice, 1 Man for Peace

One of the most spiritually accomplished human beings of our age has passed away. I feel so blessed and honored to have met Archbishop Desmond Tutu briefly at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Minneapolis some twenty years ago. The Archbishop was Anglican, the parent organization across the pond of the Episcopal Church. Desmond Tutu was […]

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6 Cultural Murals in Minneapolis

Just home from a week away in Minneapolis to visit family. We had fun swimming at an outdoor pool. Grandpa then Grandma were great sports taking Eagle on a dual innertube down the water slide. We saw my sister’s family and my mom’s sister and her husband over dinner. Grandpa grilled chicken and burgers. The […]

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