6 Snowmobiles Travel from Point A…

Driving up to Duluth two weekends ago, we saw many vehicles pulling trailers of snowmobiles. Below are two standard trailers. The third really turned our heads. Whoa, on top of the pickup truck bed?!? When I was a teenager, my younger cousin took me for a spin on his Arctic Cat. We sped across the […]

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Too Much Time on His Hands

We stopped at a gas station halfway between Duluth and Minneapolis on the way home (see Tuesday for the Duluth story). After our pit stop, there was a car parked by the front door that caught my eye. As I took photos, the owner walked out with his drink and chips. I complimented him on […]

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Rebecca Is Out of the Office

Leaves flutter in the wind. Red, orange, yellow, green. Warm fire in the hearth. Snug cabin. Puzzle on a table. Box from the board game shelf, opened. Dominoes! We are relaxing as we have a long weekend from Eagle’s school. Last night’s sunset was sublime I’ll be checking in now and again. Thanks to all […]

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Thursday Doors: 25 August 2022

In the Midwestern United States, buildings that’ve rounded the century mark are considered historic. I share with you photos from Wisconsin and Minnesota. From our getaway in southwestern Wisconsin: A gem of a house I see in Madison as I walk to the grocery store: Beautiful Faribault, MN public library: House in south Minneapolis, MN […]

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