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Year 12: Home School Spanish

As a teen, I remember making flash cards to memorize Spanish vocabulary. That was a lot of work, but learning verb conjugations was even harder. I swore if I had children, I’d introduce them to the language and spare them some drudgery. I’m happy to say that I have. I began speaking Spanish to our […]

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Choir!Choir!Choir! Singing in San Diego/Tijuana

October 13, 2019, the Canadian group Choir!Choir!Choir! organized a singalong at the San Diego/Tijuana border between the United States and Mexico. The group and the audience sang the Beatles’ “A Little Help from my Friends” in English and Spanish. The show united 800 hearts and voices. Here’s a video of the concert: Click Suzanne’s Mom’s […]

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Flamenco in Madison?

This last weekend was a winter highlight, the International Festival of Madison. The many cultures that grace this small city are represented in music, dance and food. To mention a fraction of the offerings: Capoeira, Swiss Alphorns, German music, Taiwan Puppets and for dances; Mexican Folkloric, East Indian, African, Chinese, Bolivian and Lithuanian. We wish […]

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The Tuna Singers of Salamanca

Visions of large fish leaning into a microphone may come to mind. The word Tuna is misleading. In Spain, these are musicians dressed in medieval garb who play guitar, mandolin, or tambourine, and harmonize. The Tuna tradition started 700 years ago at the newly created Spanish universities. Starving students would play music in order to […]

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