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Your Move, Homer

The final Odd Square of the month! Sad to see this photo challenge go. Thanks to Becky B for the inspiration. We toured the beautiful offices of a local medical software giant yesterday. Several chess boards served as decoration. A historical tidbit is chess was brought to Spain by the North African occupation in the […]

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Odd Sight at a Stop Light

Last weekend I was heading west to join friends for a hike, when I arrived at a stoplight and saw a train to my right. All 70 sections were flat bed freight cars. Each one carried three brand new Army jeeps. The jeeps were not covered, so I don’t think it was any big secret. […]

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Your Comments: 3 Pesky Gremlins

One month before my four year blogging anniversary, I’m happy I chose WordPress and I love the friendly community. I learn more about the software, blogging etiquette and myself each week. However, I’ve 3 pesky gremlins that pop up now and again. Gremlin # 1: Mysteriously diminishing numbers; People leave for greener pastures, I understand. […]

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