Photos of Favorite Spots in Chile

These are the photos I wanted to show you! My diligent website is good at publishing my work on the date I ask. However, I am no match for its computer efficiency. My mistake. Luckily, when I named my site Fake Flamenco, I set expectations at imperfect! Back to my favorite Chilean places. I couldn't … Continue reading Photos of Favorite Spots in Chile

7 Favorite Spots in Chile

What's your favorite type of landscape? Beach? Forest? Glacier? Desert? Urban? Rural? Lake? River? Mountains? The long narrow strip of land that is Chile contains them all. Atacama Desert (flamingoes) Neruda's Home near the sea, "Isla" Negra Andes Mountains (view from our former apartment in Santiago) Punta Arenas (penguins) Taking advantage of the December warm season, … Continue reading 7 Favorite Spots in Chile

Nineteen Years Ago Today

Nineteen years ago today, I stood on the banks of the Río Frío and exchanged wedding vows with the sweetest, smartest, funniest guy I've met. In front of our family and friends, we promised our bond would be unbroken in this adventure called life. We met while we studied in Austin. To respect the miracle … Continue reading Nineteen Years Ago Today