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6 Flowers of Late June

The garden knows its schedule. It does not need a nudge to blossom. This time of year, I am thankful for the gardeners who tilled this earth before me. Their blooming legacy is a continual wonder of color and joy. I weed and I water these perennials. The rewards are great, since they enthusiastically bloom […]

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Gardening, photography

5 May Flowering Perennials

I took a garden stroll with my camera this afternoon, thinking perhaps one or two plants might be in bloom. I was pleasantly surprised to find two colors of Columbine, a peony shrub with pink blossoms, yellow marsh marigold and purple turtle head. Rainstorms have taken over the weather the last few days. I wondered […]

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Is Culver’s Root the Bees’ Knees?

Our garden is not symmetrical, ordered, or precise. Kings of France would look askance. No manicured lawn, no topiaries, no annuals. We have low mow grass where kids can run and as many native wildflowers as I can take care of, and then some. Currently the bumblebees and honey bees are feeding on Culver’s root, […]

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