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Hop on by, It Is Spring!

Happy Spring Break! We’re spending our time in the backyard getting in touch with our inner blossoms. Our second sign of the season after snowdrops is Siberian Iris. They are tiny; no taller than your hand. Their colors are a regal purple and lilac purple. After taking this picture I realized a mystery guest was […]

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Happy World Wildlife Day

The United Nations began the tradition of this annual celebration March 3rd, 2013. Today, on the seventh anniversary, is a great time for a wildlife update. Let’s look at the status of a few animals on the World Wildlife Fund endangered list. These three are personal favorites: leopards, orangutans and vaquita porpoises. Amur Leopard: Panthera […]

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Who Is California’s Namesake?

In 1534, when Hernán Cortés’ men first saw what would later be named Baja California, they thought they’d found an island. They, or later Cortés himself in 1535, imagined it could be the fabled land of Black Queen Calafia and her Amazon warriors. These were well-known characters from the popular romance novel, The Adventures of […]

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